MINISTRY DESCRIPTION: The Youth Ministry of New St. Paul Tabernacle is a multifaceted network of
ministry services designed to nurture, train and equip young people. We accomplish our goals through a
cooperative division of services including: Children’s Church Ministry, Angels of Praise, God’s Male
Choice, God’s Female Choice, and Ignite. We have several key events that require all units to work
collectively: Vacation Bible School, Teen Summit, Harvest Fest and Outpour.
TARGET GROUP SERVED: Our target audience include children, youth and young adults from age 0-30.
MEETING STRUCTURE: We meet as a unit on 3rd Wednesday’s at 6:15 p.m. (or on alternative dates if
there is a conflict with another church function). We also take advantage of conference calls when
necessary to be sensitive to the reality that we are a commuter church and proximity can be a challenge on days we are not already coming to the church facility for weeknight services.
PURPOSE: To train children to be disciples of Christ, good citizens in the community and productive
adults with the skills, compassion, passion, and determination to live lives that promote the kingdom of God.

2017 GOALS:
1. To provide and maintain consistent, quality services to children and families within the
structures that currently exist.
2. Improve the quality and level of student’s understanding of the essential doctrines of the church
at their various levels of spiritual and intellectual development.
3. Reach out in a more intentional way to the Grandmont/Rosedale Park Community on an
ongoing basis.
4. Have a stronger presence and participation in state, regional and national youth opportunities.