The New St. Paul Print Center was birthed from a vision by our Pastor to provide economical and quality printing services to our local church, Northeast Michigan Jurisdiction, other Jurisdictions in the area, the National church, as well as the surrounding business community.

To date the print center has provided services to and for the above entities (which have included design and set-up and or referral)

The target group would be:
- All New St. Paul/Northeast members (and their families). other
- Other local COGIC churches and jurisdictions in the Detroit Metro Area
- Other church denominations in the Detroit Metro Area
- Certain secular business (funeral programs, invites, calendars, etc.)

The schedule for now is whenever there's a print job to be completed.

The Purpose and goal of our group is to fulfill the vision of our Pastor by providing excellent, economical printing/copy/design services to the local church communities as well as the surrounding secular community while enabling the Print center to become a self-sufficient, profitable entity within the local church thus supporting the ministry vision of New St. Paul Tabernacle.