The End Times


Oftentimes life bears itself in a way – for Believers, that we tend to be desensitized to the events unfolding around us. Everyday, Bible prophecy is steadily being fulfilled; its even quite evident in our daily news cycles. In consideration of these times, Bishop PA Brooks, Pastor of The New St. Paul Tabernacle, has recently begun a bible teaching series, “THE END TIMES”.

To date, Bishop Brooks has made references to the book of Daniel, chapters 2 thru 11. He has elaborated particularly on Daniel’s prophetic vision in chapters 7 and 8, where – he describes, four kingdoms, their characteristics, and how these will impact the world in the eventual emergence of The Antichrist (guess what?: one of these kingdoms is depicted, as Russia! Do I now have your attention??).

When you learn these factors, it lends a clearer understanding, as to WHERE and WHEN international events – including Israel, occur. Bishop Brooks is helping us to “connect the dots”. Bishop Brooks mentioned to us that – in the context of Daniel’s vision, the Church was NOT revealed; it was hidden from Daniel, as a ‘mystery’ (WOW!). He reminded us that this gives reason for us who are not Jews, to appreciate the life-giving sacrifice of Jesus Christ!

We’ve learned in detail, of Daniel’s vision of ‘the seventy weeks’, the chronological revelation of those ‘weeks, and of the fact that these ‘weeks’ consist of each day equaling a ‘year’. Bishop taught us that Daniel’s (visionary) Chronology did not reveal a ‘break’ between weeks 69 and week 70 (I’d mentioned earlier that Daniel didn’t see the ‘Church’); but that a chronological “break” in time DOES currently exist. It’s this Dispensation of GRACE, allowing a “Time of The Gentiles”. It’s deep stuff!

Look: you want to be a part of this powerful teaching. Bishop Brooks will be sharing much more, including more imminently, the Seven Dispensations. Don’t you want to be more spiritually aware of the Times?

Join us on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm!

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