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  • The End Times

    BISHOP PA BROOKS TEACHES EYE-OPENING INFORMATION: “THE END TIMES” Oftentimes life bears itself in a way – for Believers, that we tend to be desensitized to the events unfolding around us. Everyday, Bible prophecy is steadily being fulfilled; its even quite evident in our daily news cycles. In consideration of

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  • NSPT teams up with UNICEF

    NEW ST. PAUL TABERNACLE C.O.G.I.C. Teams Up With UNICEF! Join Bishop P.A. Brooks and help UNICEF save childrens livesALL OVER THE WORLD for only $10 per month.FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK THE LINK BELOW!

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  • Bishop P. A. Brooks Drive Is Official

    Bishop P. A. Brooks Drive is now Official! As of Monday – April 24th, 2017, a small portion of the service drive of the Southfield Rd. freeway in Detroit, MI will be known as “Bishop P. A. Brooks Dr.”!

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